Professional Background

Dr. Joe Sutherland is an entrepreneurial digital and analytics executive with extensive experience in strategy, technology, marketing, and operations. He is the Director and Head of Data Science at Search Discovery, where he leads groundbreaking data science initiatives for a diverse clientele of the most admired companies in the world. He has reliably demonstrated how to launch new digital businesses and deliver customer centric solutions via online, mobile, and social channels.

As a digital transformation expert, he focuses on the integration of data science and artificial intelligence into executable corporate strategies, and sponsors a culture of experimentation, innovation, and next-gen technology. His leadership style is clear, collegial, and common sense, and he uses it to build broad internal and external support for digital initiatives. He is a regular keynote speaker to executives and the public on data science and artificial intelligence.

His career has spanned numerous technical and operational roles within agency, startup, and corporate venues, including The White House during the Obama Administration. He was a founder at the artificial intelligence startup Peachtree AI, and an initial team member at the fintech startup Prattle, both of which successfully exited in 2019. Prior to that, he served as a freelance analytics consultant, running a single-shingle digital development shop called CLEVER Analytics from 2006. He has held research appointments at Johns Hopkins, Princeton, and Columbia.


Increasingly, organizations are given a mandate to use AI and data science, but leaders often have no idea where to start. Joe's experience can help today.

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Community Initiatives of Interest

Digital transformation can (and will, with the right leadership!) create a more thoughtful and productive world. Better measurement strategies mean we’re all on the same page about how we approach a problem; better predictions about the future mean we can free people up to work on more important judgment calls based on those predictions. The more people we can get on the same page, investing brainpower in the things that matter, the more people will be better off tomorrow than they were today.

Emory Goizueta Business School’s MSBA Program

Serving on the advisory council for Emory Goizueta’s STEM-credentialed Master of Science in Business Analytics is a huge highlight for me. I am always so impressed with the quality and drive of these students, and I believe programs like this are going to change the landscape of business education. The MSBA program combines business, data, and technology to prepare students for careers as effective business data scientists. This 10-month, immersive program emphasizes hands-on learning in real-world partnerships with organizations like FedEx, InterContinental Hotels Group (IHG), and The Home Depot, so when they’re done, they hit the ground running in any industry. Through it all, we help them chart their career path in some of the fastest-growing fields in business.

Mentor Collective

A great example of an organization walking the walk is Mentor Collective, an ed-tech startup in Boston that runs impactful mentorship programs for students who traditionally would not have the resources to navigate the jungle of higher education. We’re leading digital transformation and insights generation in the education sector by deploying ongoing “voice-of-student” surveys in academia, which enables tracking outcomes and melt probability at a much higher frequency. This transformation has allowed us to deploy more than 15 randomized controlled trials studying the effect of educational interventions on student success—and we’ve shown a causally identified, positive effect for thousands of students (insights, not just data!).