Executive Workshops

Increasingly, organizations are given a mandate to use AI and data science, but leaders often have no idea where to start.

Joe conducts tailored workshops for executives to understand and strategize around AI, capability building workshops for technical resources, and general interest workshops for the layman interested in AI.

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Introduction to AI for Executives

Course Tags: [Management, Strategy, Non-Technical]

In this short course, participants learn basic principles of AI, what it can do, and what’s just hype. We apply these building blocks with a “hands-on” approach to generate winning use cases, and then prioritize them within an AI Playbook. Finally, we align the playbooks with strategic vision at your organization and practice how to message and execute on the strategy at your organization. Available in half-day and full-day cuts.

Course Objectives

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Introduction to Text Analytics + NLP

Teaching Text Analytics and NLP Natural Language Processing

Course Tags: [Technical, Capability Building]

In this short course, participants learn how to produce informative analyses from the unstructured text data. We begin with a primer on the theory of content analysis, and how computers scale content analysis using the techniques of natural language processing. Then, we review common tools for the analysis of text data, including bag-of-words analysis, n-grams, readability, “keyness” or likelihood-ratio statistics, word clouds, topic modeling, and how to relate these text-based derivatives to other survey quantities of interest through supervised machine learning. Finally, we hold a “hands-on” colloquium where attendees have the opportunity to apply these techniques to segment customers using real-world product review data. The course is taught in both R and Python, at a beginner-to-moderate level.

Course Objectives

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Your Own Customized AI Workshop

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Participant Feedback

Quality of Instruction. The average student scores Joe’s teaching a 4.8/5 (N=228 reviews submitted, 40% participation rate, 6 courses).

Joe is a fantastic instructor. He is a very intelligent guy who does a great job at explaining every inch of the material very clearly. He is very easy to approach and always helps you if you have a question. Every class is interesting because he brings in relevant information from our current state as examples, and it really helps us to understand how the system works. His teaching style is very effective and he makes it easy to learn important points in the material.

Provided great insight into the material, and was very helpful in terms of understanding the material better. He was also very approachable in person and by email, and was both efficient and thorough in class.

I was really impressed with Joe. He is incredibly knowledgable on the subject matter and also has the ability to expand beyond it. For example, I had a very specific question about something semi, but not entirely, related to the material and he had the answer because he had done research on the matter. Being able to use specific examples to explain the bigger picture of the course really helped make sense of the material.

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