Executing the Process: Every Data Science Project Has a Rhythm

There is a rhythm to every data science project, whether it be primarily focused on advanced analytics or media product development. Honoring this rhythm will bring you and our clients success. The figure below outlines the milestone phases for every one of our data science projects. I ask that you understand the birds eye view of the process when estimating levels of effort, and map your process to the milestones delineated below:

Data Science Process


For every engagement, I ask that you complete this checklist:

Work Product Guidelines

To those joining the team…

Many people joining the team remark with surprise that my delivery requirements are old-school.

If you too have taken note of this, you’re not alone!

As you will find, I believe there is value in organized and thoughtful work rituals.

If that’s old-school, then I will bear the quality proudly!

I detail these work rituals on these pages. Please review them whenever you want a refresher:

  1. Drawing Conclusions
  2. Executing the Process
  3. Understanding the Big Picture

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