Drawing Conclusions

The natural endpoint of any project milestone is the work of drawing conclusions.

Conclusions compress the big work we’ve done into small, thoughtful takeaways. Conclusions are powerful because they help us to understand the implications and next best actions based on the work we’ve done. They can also help us to quickly grasp and appreciate the meaningfulness and quality of the work you have completed.

Here are some guidelines and tips and tricks around drawing conclusions.


Tips & Tricks

Work Product Guidelines

To those joining the team…

Many people joining the team remark with surprise that my delivery requirements are old-school.

If you too have taken note of this, you’re not alone!

As you will find, I believe there is value in organized and thoughtful work rituals.

If that’s old-school, then I will bear the quality proudly!

I detail these work rituals on these pages. Please review them whenever you want a refresher:

  1. Drawing Conclusions
  2. Executing the Process
  3. Understanding the Big Picture

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